Sina Theil & Mike Gleeson score #1 with original Christmas Single

"Share your Love this Christmas" tells a very personal story...

Written by Sina Theil and her manager Mike Gleeson, this song portrays a very personal story. Through an uplifting sound and the message to “Share your Love” this season, the tracks speaks of Mike’s loss of his eldest son through a long-term illness. While the lyrics reflect the bravery of his wife who relentlessly fought for their child and the fear they experienced every Christmas, wondering would it be their last, the song calls to raise awareness and to lend a helping hand to those who have lost, or fear the loss, of a loved one and might be wearing a brave smile but are struggling more than usual at Christmas time. “This song means so much to us personally, and we really hope that it evokes a feeling of empathy and love in people’s hearts” Downda Road Productions.

The song charted at #1 in the Country Download Charts and is available on all major download services, together with "Rockin' Robin", an upbeat all-time favourite originally recorded by Bobby Day.