Dean Maywood

Hot Press Magazine described Maywoods debut single, as “…an absorbing listen” and “…a heart breaking, hushed hymn, full of passion and pathos”. Those few words not only beautifully describe that single but could easily be used as an all-encompassing summary of Maywood’s music. Maywood’s music deals in the narratives of the everyman, stories we all know; love, loss, isolation, joy, fear, desperation and of course the universal musical Rosetta stone… heart ache.

Drawing on a spring of vintage 70s golden era, rock, pop and country Maywood, distils it down to the common theme they all hold, simple beautiful melody and lyrics with heart. Less is more in that respect, artists like Neil Young, Jackson Browne and the Great American Songwriter John Prine are his living heroes. Like Prine, he tries to find beauty in the mundane, the stories of those very people from his own small town, trying to make you smile and cry from one verse to the next and always trying to be - if not original, then authentic, especially when it comes to emotion.

The past three years have been spent trekking all over his native Ireland in an attempt to get his music to a wider audience and gain a foothold of his own. He has been lucky enough to support some great artists along the way, Jason Wilber (USA), Mulligan Brothers (USA), Brace Cooper & Jutz (USA), Pat Reedy (USA), The 4 Of Us, Jonny Fean & Jim Lockhart (Horslips), The Whileaways, The Remedy Club, The Southern Fold, Gareth Dunlop, Phil Coulter and Goats Dont Shave. 

His debut EP is due for release this May, keep an ear out.