Brian Lalor

Lalor, an Irish bred lad writes songs from the heart and wears his on his sleeve when sitting down with the pen and paper.

Honest and refreshing, truthful and unique - has been said of Brian’s music. A storyteller in the most accessible form! “Brian sings in an amazing lightly spoken tone, evoking an ability to tell his stories through song in true folk style”. Joe Salmon- FranksShedTV

There’s not a corner of Ireland he hasn’t graced with his music. Touring nationwide playing sessions, showcases, cafés, open mic nights and any type of gig in between.

Meeting dozens of amazing people and musicians along the way. Many national festival’s appearances including The Secret Village Festival, The Acoustic Yard Singer/Songwriter Fest, Arcadian Fields and 96/1 have helped reach a wider audience.

While having the privilege of performing with some fantastic artists including Sharon Shannon, Liam Reilly, Declan Sinnott, Cormac O Caoimh and Hank Wedel are always big learning curves. Feeling very blessed also to have had the chance to tour in England Scotland and Poland most recently.

Brian’s live sets have been known to cross country with blues, folk with rock, and everything in between. While curiously spending his down time listening to heavy blues and trash metal riffs as to lighter shades of folk and roots music. Hearing beauty in it all! 

In recent times he has been working on a new release and video - somewhere in the same vein where his debut ‘Hand Full of Seeds’ left off. 

“Writing about your feelings while observing the present day world can be a pretty strenuous task at times. Looking for light in dark places. The little moments, jotting down those feelings in the form of song, and wrapping words around their melody”. BL