Aaron Burke

Aaron J. Burke is a singer/songwriter and musician from Kildare, Ireland. He draws influences from various musicians, and harbours a love for rock music, having grown up on a diet of Pink Floyd, U2, Simple Minds, then in his teens heavy metal.
In his early twenties, Aaron moved into playing more stripped back music and acoustic music. He performs regularly in the local area open mic night and is currently in college studying music performance and technology, developing always as a songwriter.

"Aaron's song, "Could it be" is a soft yet emotional song with powerful lyrics...a song that just about everyone can relate to. If you have yet to hear this amazing song, do so now and share it with your friends/family. " 
Wicked Band Review 

"Burke can certainly sing and seems to know his way around a guitar, so he surely has it in him to grow into an accomplished musician." Pure M, 2015